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We decided to do things differently.
Here’s how we do it:
3 years in making battle-tested proven strategies and tactics.​​​  How to build a massive audience of people whose lives you can affect... WITHOUT paying a dime on advertising!’ 

Never have to use Facebook Ads again.

No more secrets, I will be revealing EVERYTHING.

How to make $100 - $500 every day it does not matter if you are from India, Africa, America where ever…

I Will show you how you can get international customers as well as local customers for your business.

Having a true laptop Lifestyle of Time and Freedom. Have you ever wondered how some people are able to get massive engagement on their Facebook posts and practically sell whatever they want?

I'm not talking about a couple likes and comments here and there...

I mean people who get 150+ likes and 100+ comments on their posts!


Every time they post people are falling over themselves to like, comment, and buy. You know who we're talking about.

Okay fine... we're some of them.

But it wasn't always like this!

For years we wondered what their secret was...

We spent thousands of dollars & countless painstaking hours reading articles, watching videos, and going through courses…

Until finally...

We cracked the code. And having $100-1000+ days using our Facebook profiles...

They started getting phenomenal results too!
 Advanced issues found
After privately teaching people and seeing them have so much success with it...
We decided we had to spread this information with as many people as we could. That's why we decided to create this exclusive Facebook course:
Teaching you exactly how to get sales from local and international audience for your business.

You'll learn EVERYTHING you'll ever need to know to finally succeed BIG in your business with your Facebook profile in just an hour or so per day.

Imagine never having to worry about where the next sale is going to come from and getting people reaching out to you daily ready to join your business.

The best part?

It's not $1997+ like other high-level courses out there...
In fact, it's not even $997...

For right now you can get it at the low price of $297 bucks one time payment.
You are going to buy invest in yourself or not to change your life, Not my life.

*But take advantage of it right now because after these last few copies sell out it will be $497.
Why you should get started

Instantly unlock the exact same strategy that our clients & ourselves use to generate multiple five figures without spending a penny on ads.

No guesswork, no trial & error, and no risk of losing any money!

We'll be unveiling everything we do, to generate a five-figure income just with our Facebook profile & group.
Amazing Things That You’ll Learn
  • The Art Of Branding Of Facebook Profile
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Behind the Facebook Algorithm
  • Magnetic Client Attraction
  • Posting For-Profits
  • Creating Content In A Flash
  • Getting Massive Engagement
  • Becoming “Unstoppable”
  • 90-Day Profits Action Plan 
  • And some powerful bonuses as well...

Let Us Break Some Myths

Myth #1 - Facebook Organic marketing is not a stable business

A business which is expected to grow like crazy by 2023 is not a stable business… hmm…
Let me think once again. 
Do you think that online marketing would die in next 5, 10 or 15 years? 
In fact, most offline businesses are in danger because we prefer to buy everything online now. So affiliate marketing is the next big thing which is going to bring the revolution in the next few years.

Myth #2 - It’s very difficult to become a Facebook marketer

Yes, it is difficult if you don’t take action. If you keep buying the courses, keep reading blogs, watching videos and listening to Facebook marketing podcasts, and don’t take action, then for sure, it’s very difficult to see the success in affiliate marketing.
But if you believe that you can do it, it’s the easiest business in the world where you can make money by sitting anywhere in the world.

Myth #3 - So much technical knowledge is required

If you have decided to start your Facebook organic marketing career, I assume that you have already gained enough knowledge on the internet or we call in “online marketing.” Which means that you have all the basic knowledge which is required to become an online marketer.
You are not going to write coding to create something for the audience.

Myth #4 - It’s a SCAM

Doing business on the internet itself is NOT a scam, but loose industry regulations do present opportunities for a lot of scammers.
Check out the websites of regulatory agencies like the FTC (in the US) or the OFT (in the UK) or even hit up your fellow online entrepreneurs on the forums before you sign up for any “get rich quick” scheme promising “fast wealth”. Of course, it goes without saying that you should avoid buying systems and products that guarantee results and profits. (Clue: nothing is guaranteed in business except uncertainty!)

As with any industry, scams in the online industry are usually no different from falsehoods in the other business and investment scenes. You just have to educate yourself and make informed decisions when it comes to investing your money.

Myth #5 - It requires a lot of money and time

A lot of money is not required, but yeah, it needs your time to learn the basics.
If it was so easy and so automatic, then everyone in this world would be a Facebook marketer and start making money by sitting at their home.
I won’t say that you don’t need time and you’ll become a Facebook marketer automatically.
You’ll have to give the commitment to learn the basics and soon the time will start working for you.
By saying “time will start working for you” I mean that you’ll have enough resources and money in the future that you can always buy back your time.

Myth #6 - I can become Facebook marketer just by having a lot of friends

Many people think that Facebook marketing is so easy that anyone can start lead generation and sell effectively
If that was the case, there wouldn’t be so many “failed Facebook marketers” in the world.
Meet Your Coach

Highlights About Akshay Rajsheakaran...

  • 6 Figure Consultant
  • Helping People to Monetize their Knowledge
  • Trained People From 14+ Countries created 100 of Success Story
  • ​​Founder Of
  • ​​Have attended 100+ Entrepreneurship events, workshops and international conferences
  • ​Speaker at the event Enrichment Begins Within Event
  • ​​Invitee as Guest speaker on various different platforms, Keynote Speaker at Reva University and International Public Speaking by MS Talks
  • ​​​Featured on more than 5 news channels
I Realized The Importance Of Knowledge,
Self-education & Mentors
Fast forward 4 years, and I’ve studied from dozens of world-renown online marketing mentors from across the globe.
I’ve attended 150+ digital marketing events, read 100’s of books, attended workshops and international conferences
I’ve built multiple online businesses and made connections with the biggest names in the industry, and most importantly…
...I’ve learned from other top-performers exactly what it takes to have a successful and highly profitable online business that can be run from your laptop


Worked with People Who Got Featured On

Still Not Convinced

My life isn’t going to change, it is about you and only you
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?
If you're struggling with getting more engagement, members to your group(s), leads and sales, then this masterclass program is definitely for you! I worked with dozens of businesses in dozens of niches and our strategies are proven to work across the board.
Is it a monthly recurring fee or a one time fee?
It's a one time fee! No strings attached! It does sound too good to be true, but it honestly isn't! I see so many people spending their money on pointless, outdated courses that I’ve decided to come in and the completely change the game, not only with the price but what you'll be covering.
Will you be there to help me?
Absolutely! My mission is to help you get more leads and sales organically through Facebook, you can get your questions answered and receive all the help you need.
I’m a beginner…will this work for me?​​
Yes, this workshop is designed for all levels.
Will you show me how to use what I learn?​​
Yes. In addition to showing you what to do, I will also give you several examples of different ways you can apply and scale the strategies and methods I teach.
How long will it take to complete the course?​
This completely depends on you, you can work with your own pace
How much money can I make?​
It depends on you. The goal of this course is to help people reach $100-$200/day consistently as soon as possible, but inside you will learn several strategies that can help you scale much higher.
What if I don’t have any money?
Then, obviously, this course is not for you.
In a nutshell, you will learn
#1 Discover How To Make Money Without Buying Ads!
BRANDING Yourself INCORRECTLY On Facebook Can Be FATAL To Your Success When Marketing On Social Media.
#2: How To Post And Grow Engagement
Not All Posts Are Created Equal! I'll Explain The Different Types Of Posts & How To Create Engagement & Increase Profits.
#3 Finding The Right People To Engage With For Quicker Profits
Discover Exactly Who Your Avatar Is & Where To Find Them For Potential Profits.
#4 Script To Create Sales
Discover The FB Formula Inbox Script That I Use Daily To Effortlessly Turn My Potential Leads Into Sales.
#5 Daily Plan For Massive Success
Discover The Exact Formula That I Use On A Daily Basis To Have Massive Success And Make Money Consistently.
#6 Build The Know/Like/Trust Factor
Showing You The Methods I Use To Build The Know/Like/Trust Factor That Turn Prospects Into Buyers.
Disclaimer: This website in no way is affiliated with Facebook™ or any Facebook™ entities. Once you leave Facebook™ the responsibility no longer is on their site. We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can-Spam compliant.
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